Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Update 12/17/2008

I'm going to be moving to an ADA apartment. That is an apartment made for a handicap person. I'm still waiting on Social Security to make a hearing date for my disability. Also, I have my first 2 BAP's kitted up to do. I'll be making one of them as a wall hanging for my new place. That is the BoInk. The other one is the Monopoly Game Board. You do have to join the group to do the Monopoly Board. Anyone interested in it; the link is: They people there are real nice. You can make a photo album & post pictures of your progress, & other projects you have worked on.
My other BAP has 2 places where you can get the charts. One link is: his is a group that you can join. The photo album is only for your progress on the BoInk. The other link is: This isn't a group page, but you can download the charts for the BoInk here also. If you want to get imput on your color choice, you can join the yahoo group, & start an album by doing a "Floss Toss". I didn't know what that was either. I had to ask. It is where you lay down the material you are going to use. Ex. 14ct aida oatmeal color, then you put the floss you have chosen to use on the material. If your not sure, just take a picture or scan all of it, & post it to the group, asking for their input. There are some people doing it on black aida. I have posted the colors & the aida cloth I'm using. Mine is going to be a bit bigger then the one pictured. That is because I'm using 11ct aida. For those of you who don't know what 11ct is. That is 11 counted squares to an inch. Aida is the type of material. If you are more exsperienced then you can use other type of material, such as Linen. When I get started on either one, I'll try to post if not weekly then everyother week. I hope everyone who reads this has a very Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday they have.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Update 11/14/2008

Well, myknees are still hurting. I've had to go back to using my walker, instead of using my quad cane. I told my doctor that I want an electric wheelchair. I've been told that tey aren't called that any more. They are called Power Chairs. Anyway, I waiting for DSHS"s to tell me yes or no. I stil haven't heard from Social Seurity. To help me get along better. I have a "loaner" electric wheelchair from the Knights of Columbus. They are a nice group. They didn't say when I had to return it. Well, it is time for a pan pill, & for me to go to bed. I hope everyone had a nice holloween, & f I dn't get back on before Thanksgiving, I hope all of you have a great day.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Health Update

Well, I've had 2 moles removed. The report on both says they are "clean". That means there are no cancer cells. After my knee orthascopy, I was doing fairly well, but thungs have started to go bad. There are days that my legs just don't cooperate with me. My weight isn't helping any, either. Right now I'm at my heaveist that I have ever been. Over 300 pounds. I have spoken with my doctor. We both agree that the lapband procedure would be a good idea. Before I can have the procedure, I have to have a consultation with some of the people that do the procedure. That means a trip to Seattle. This consult will tell if I can have it done safely. It is a possiblility that some of my health problems will prevent me from having the procedure done. One of my health problems is with acid reflux. If the acid has damaged my throat, then I can't have it done. I have also put in a prescritption for an electric wheelchair. I've been told that is not what they are called now. lol They are alled "power" chairs. Oh well. Now I wait, just like I'm waiting for the Social Security office to make a hearing date for my disability claim. This waiting is the pits. I can't work to cut the boredom of waiting, so I'm trying to get back into my cross stitching. I can only do it a little at a time, because of the arthritis in my left wrist. I'm still trying to find a floor stand. Someone suggested I look for a table stand, instead. Either one will work, I think. Well, time for dinner. More later.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Done with Therapy

Well, I'm done with my physical therapy. I'm walking fairly better. Both of my knees get stiff & hurt when I get up from sitting at the computer too long. When I remember to get up about every hour & a half, it isn't as bad. It is when I loose track of time & sit for a loooong time, then I have to wait for abit after I stand up, so my knees & legs loosen up abit. I'm going to a doctor in my regular doctor's office tomorrow. This doctor took a mole off of my neck, at the hairline, in back. This was about 2 weeks ago. When I go tomorrow he will be taking out the stitches. Then he will be removing anoter mole on my chest area. He already has the report for the other mole, & it is just a mole, no cancer cells. This one on my chest might be another matter. It has changed colors, size, & shape. Those are not good signs. I'll be glad to get the stitches out, then I can wash my hair, I hope. My scalp is itching like crazy. Of course, I will have to be careful when I wash myself. I hope my new glasses will come in this month. Maybe in time for my 50th birthday on the 24th. I know, I know, a wman isn't suppose to reveal her age. Well, I don't mind telling my age. I'm thinking about going out to lunch on my birthday. Just haven't decided on where. I hope everyone had a nice & SAFE, Labor Day weekend. Until next time. Good night.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Hi, everyone. I know it has been awhile since I posted. I've gotten my stitches out, & I'm going to physical therapy for 4 weeks. Only once a week. I'm walking better, already. I got a surprise in my email a few days ago. I hd forgoten tht I had entered a drawing at a cross stitch site for a free chart. Well, I won!! Boy was I surprised. It is the site. They have some good freebies, also. I've added some pictures, finally. Take alook.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Knee Surgery-Update

It has been awhile since I've posted. I've been recovering from knee surgery. It was not a complete knee replacement. Just a repair of some tears, & cleaning out some debrie, the doctor said. I get my stitches out next Friday. I have decided, that if I have to have theother knee done, then I am going to get the doctor to write a prescription for an electric chair. lol I've been told that they don't call them that anymore. Now they are called "power" chairs. The doctor that did the surgery might send me to physical therapy, won't know for sure until next Friday-August 8th.

A friend came over to help with my cat, & she has pulled a disappearing act. I'll have to do some planning for later.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Knee Problems

I don't know if I have mentioned this in any of my other posts, but I have been having problems with my left knee. My regular doctor had an X-ray taken, & found arthritis. Well, it kept giving me trouble & the pain was terrible. So I asked for a second opinion, & got a referal to a "Bone" doctor. I can't spell the fancy word for it. Anyway, he ordered a MRI. I got the results Monday the 23rd of June. I have a couple of tears in my ligaments, & my knee cap has shifted off center. So I am going to have outpatient surgery on my left knee on the 24th of July. I won't be able to put weight on that leg for a week after surgery. Then I start therapy. I'll let all of you know how things go after surgery. Until then I hope everyone is having fun & hope you have good weather for the Summer.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Computer Upgrade

I just got my computer back. I had the windows system upgraded to Windows XP. I had bought this computer as a rebuilt computer. I kept the name & number of the guy I bought it from. So I called him & asked him about the OS. He came over took alook & said he could do it. So then I asked him how much. He gave me a price, & saved up & then called him back, & he came & got it. Now I have it back, & I'm "learning" the different things that are in Windows XP. The colors are very nice & clear. Not dingy like in Windows ME. It hasn't froze up on me either. I also had him install more ram. He did a good job. I would recommend him to anyone. He was also nice enough to pick it up & bring it back, when I told him I didn't have a car, & that I had moved to a the same city he lived in. Actually not to far from him. I'm having to redo a few things. Like my email addresses, & such. There are a few programs I have that I have to buy new ones to. They worked with the old windows but not with the new one. I hope everyone is having a good start to summer.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Update on Social Security Claim

I now have a lawyer to help me with my Social Security Claim for Disability. I met with him last Friday. He seems like a very nice guy. He is on the approved list for Social Security Claims. The SS(Social Security) has to approve the lawyer, & the fee he will charge. So he will get all the information from the DSHS office, medical records & such. Then he will put together my claim, & be with me at the hearing I have to go to for my SS benefits. His main office is in Yakima, WA. He & his partner opened up another office here in the city I live in. He is going to try to get the hearing here, so I don't have to travel to another city for it. I'm hoping it won't be too much longer.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More news

Well, I had a busy day today. I had to catch my cat from going under the bed, so I could put her into her carrying case. I took her to the vet today. It was time for her shots, & while she was there, I had them trim her claws. Boy did she have some long & sharp claws. She dug them into my back on the left shoulder. She wa trying to get away from being put into her box. Boy did that hurt. After we got back, she went under the bed to pout. That was about 10am this morning. It is now, 6:23pm. She has finally come out from under the bed, but is still alittle leary. I had my hair cut last week, & it is short! I had a picture of me holding my cat, MandyLynn, taken. When I get it developed, I'll post it. My caregiver took the picture with a camera I have.

Well, I got some sad news this week. 2 people I knew have passed away. So I will be attending their services this week. One is tomorrow, Thursday, & the other one is on Friday. I really didn't know them that well, but I'm glad for the short time that I did know them. Well that is all for now.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another Day In A Slow Life

Well, I'm still waiting to hear from Social Security. I've gotten rid of my chair & got a couch. It isn't a new couch, but it is very comfy. It is also a-hide-a-bed. I had to go to the doctor last week. Somehow I pulled a muscle in my lower back, on the right side. My doctor gave me some muscle relaxants to take, & told me to use my heating pad a few times aday. So now my back is feeling alot better. About 2 nights ago, I fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up, I felt good. No backache. I slept in my bed last night, & got up with a backache. So that proves to me that my bed is too soft. My cat is still getting use to the couch. She can now sit beside me, instead of trying to find my lap. lol

My caregiver is working out real well. She is a very nice young woman. With her help, I'm getting my apartment organized. I've gotten some pictures developed. When I get them scanned onto my computer, I'll post a few of them. One is of my cat & me. Well, that is it for tonight. Hope everyone takes care.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Social Security Claim-pt. 2

Well, I went to the local DSHS office yesterday. The lady who is helping me was very nice. I gave her an updated list of my medications. Then we went through the paperwork for an appeal hearing. This is where I go before a judge. The lady gave me a list of lawyers that do this type of legal work. I'll call my DSHS helper Ms. K. Anyway Ms. K said that sometimes it takes up to a year before the hearing is set. So, I sit & wait some more.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Social Security Claim

I'm on my 3rd go around with the Social Security office. I'm trying to get my disability. They are saying that I can still work, just not at the job I was trained for. I can't stand for long periods of time. My lower back starts to hurt, & the pain gets worse when I ignore it. I can only walk so far before the pain starts up. I know I need to lose weight, & I'm trying. I belong to a TOPS group. They have been really supportive. We exchange ideas, recipes, & give each other encouragement. TOPS stands for Take Off Pounds Sensibly. We meet once a week for a weigh in & meeting. Back to the main subject. I have a meeting to go to tomorrow. The lady that has been helping me with my Social Security is a nice person. In this meeting we will be talking about lawyers & their fees. I'm hoping that I will get it after this time. TC=Take Care everyone. Penny Q.

Monday, February 18, 2008


There are 2 game sites I like to play on. On one of them I'm on a bowling league. That site is: . I play in the room named gutterball. They have alot of good games. The other site is: . There I usually play a game called Badda Bingo. They have a fast version where you can't chat, because it is so fast. I like to play alot of games. When I have trouble sleeping, sometimes I will get online & play games until I get sleepy. I have visited other sites but they aren't as good as the 2 I talked about. The bowling league I belong to is called Pinheads. We have alot of fun.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

One of the Groups I belong to..

I belong to a few cross stitch groups on the internet. One of them is called the "Cross Stitching Circle Of Friends". We play games, & share "things" with each other. Each month we play a form of Bingo. The person who "calls" choses 185 words. Then the rest of the group choses 25 words. We send the words we have chosen to the person who is the "caller" & the game begins. The "caller" sends out a list of words each day, & we, the players, check off the words that is in our own list. The first person who "hollers" BINGO! is the winner. Then the person who started this group sends out alittle prize for the winner. The list of words usually has something to do with the month &/or the holiday in that month. It is fun. I have 19 words checked off, so I need 5 more before I can say BINGO!! lol. We "talk" about stuff that is going on in our lives. We have an area with photo albums that we share with the group. These have pictures of cross stitch that we have done &/or pictures of our families. We even share recipes that we have or that someone has given to us. I get lots of recipes in my email. Some of them are for diabetics, because I am a type 2 diabetic. Thats all for today. I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More in my life.

Well, went to the doctor today. He says my blood sugars are getting better. He decided I needed to have the pnamoinia shot. Then I went to one of the local craft stores & got a few things I needed to finish my "Candy Box". lol Then I walked over to the beauty supply store & picked up some perm rods. One of my friends is going to give me a perm tomorrow. Then I went to the library. They had a book on hold for me. I like to read just about anything. Romances, historical romances, mysteries, since fiction, fantasy, & thrillers. If I can't get into an autobiography by the 3rd chapter, then I won't finish it. Some of the authors I like are: Nora Roberts(who is also J.D. Robb), Debbie McCombe, Andre Norton, & Lillian Baun. I'm not sure I spelled that right. She wrote the series "The Cat Who....". There are others, but I can't remember them right now. lol I'm still working on getting my boxes unpacked from when I moved into my apartment. I've been stitching off & on. Not really getting anywhere on it. The one I'm working on is from . It is one of the freebies. When you get on the site go down the list on the left side until you come to the word "Freebies". Click on that. 3 pictures will come up. The one I'm working on is the first one. It reminds me of the paintings that Thomas Kinkade paints. Which is the reason I'm doing it. I also like to get the free charts from . They have changed it from free charts to Samplers. They do one each month. This year they are of Snowmen. One for each month. They still have a link for last years series, if anyone is interested. They sell charts & chart's on CD's. I keep saying that I will buy one some day, but I never have the money. Oh well. Maybe one of these days. Well, thats all for now. Take care everyone. P.Q.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My First Cross Stitch Pattern is of the following pic.

I got this as a gift. I used this to make my first pattern. I've had is checked out with friends. They thought I did a good job on it.