Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Done with Therapy

Well, I'm done with my physical therapy. I'm walking fairly better. Both of my knees get stiff & hurt when I get up from sitting at the computer too long. When I remember to get up about every hour & a half, it isn't as bad. It is when I loose track of time & sit for a loooong time, then I have to wait for abit after I stand up, so my knees & legs loosen up abit. I'm going to a doctor in my regular doctor's office tomorrow. This doctor took a mole off of my neck, at the hairline, in back. This was about 2 weeks ago. When I go tomorrow he will be taking out the stitches. Then he will be removing anoter mole on my chest area. He already has the report for the other mole, & it is just a mole, no cancer cells. This one on my chest might be another matter. It has changed colors, size, & shape. Those are not good signs. I'll be glad to get the stitches out, then I can wash my hair, I hope. My scalp is itching like crazy. Of course, I will have to be careful when I wash myself. I hope my new glasses will come in this month. Maybe in time for my 50th birthday on the 24th. I know, I know, a wman isn't suppose to reveal her age. Well, I don't mind telling my age. I'm thinking about going out to lunch on my birthday. Just haven't decided on where. I hope everyone had a nice & SAFE, Labor Day weekend. Until next time. Good night.

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Mare said...

Good luck with the mole removal & I hope it is nothing. Also happy birthday!