Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Update 12/17/2008

I'm going to be moving to an ADA apartment. That is an apartment made for a handicap person. I'm still waiting on Social Security to make a hearing date for my disability. Also, I have my first 2 BAP's kitted up to do. I'll be making one of them as a wall hanging for my new place. That is the BoInk. The other one is the Monopoly Game Board. You do have to join the group to do the Monopoly Board. Anyone interested in it; the link is: They people there are real nice. You can make a photo album & post pictures of your progress, & other projects you have worked on.
My other BAP has 2 places where you can get the charts. One link is: his is a group that you can join. The photo album is only for your progress on the BoInk. The other link is: This isn't a group page, but you can download the charts for the BoInk here also. If you want to get imput on your color choice, you can join the yahoo group, & start an album by doing a "Floss Toss". I didn't know what that was either. I had to ask. It is where you lay down the material you are going to use. Ex. 14ct aida oatmeal color, then you put the floss you have chosen to use on the material. If your not sure, just take a picture or scan all of it, & post it to the group, asking for their input. There are some people doing it on black aida. I have posted the colors & the aida cloth I'm using. Mine is going to be a bit bigger then the one pictured. That is because I'm using 11ct aida. For those of you who don't know what 11ct is. That is 11 counted squares to an inch. Aida is the type of material. If you are more exsperienced then you can use other type of material, such as Linen. When I get started on either one, I'll try to post if not weekly then everyother week. I hope everyone who reads this has a very Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday they have.