Friday, November 20, 2009

Big Disappointment This Month

I thought I was going to have my Social Security hearing the 3rd week of this month, but I didn't. So I have been alittle more depressed then usual. I called my doctor to see if he would increase my depression medicine. I haven't heard anything, yet. I called my councilor yesterday, & she suggested I get out & to something soothing. So my caregiver & I went out to lunch today. Then we went to the local Michael's & I bought sme floss to send to the person I'm suppose to for a Christmas exchange. I'm going out tomorrow to have a patial perm done at one of the local beauty schools. For those that don't know, a partial perm is where you hae just part of your hair permed. I'm going to have my front & sides done. When I got home from lunch I had some waiting for me. I got my first Christmas card today. It was from the person who was to send to me for the Christmas exchange. She cross stitched the front of the card, & enclosed a skein of SILK floss. It is my first silk floss. It is a very pretty color. It is from Dinky Dyes, & there is the number 25 & the word Ruby under the number. When I showed it to a friend, she said it looked almost like a candy cane. As soon as I can, I'll scan it & post a picture of it & the card. Having lunch out with someone, & getting my card & floss really brightened my day. I'm still alittle frustrated about the social security thing, but not as bad. My cat seems to know I'm feeling down. Ever since I got back from lunch & shopping, sh has been on my lap, or on the table close to me & purring away to me.
Now for something I learned from the sales lady at the craft store. If you are having trouble with ants, sprinkle some ground Cinnamon on the counter close to the wall, & sme on the floor by the baseboards. That will send the ants running. Also if you put peppermint, spearmint, &/or wintergreenmint, not the gum. Use a leaf of the plant. This will keep the mice out of your cabinets. Well it is getting late, & time for my bedtime meds, & snack. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Recipe Links

I think I put in my profile, that I am a type 2 Diabetic. Well, I've signed up for some recipe email newsletters. One of them is a Diabetic site. It is, It is a good site. There are some fantastic recipes. Another site I like is: Eat Better America Another site is: http:// I have a slow cooker, or crockpot, that I use alot in the summer time. I don't like using the oven in the summer, because it makes the apartment too warm, & I have to use the A/C too much, & up goes my electric bill. I also use a George Foreman grill alot during the summer. I have a few more links for recipes, but can't find them right now, so when I do, I'll post them.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Well, I'm still "arguing" with Social Security about my disability. So I'm just doing the best I can with the money from welfare. I've been stitching on some small projects. Those I can take with me when I go to doctor's appointments & such. I'll post some pictures of some of the stitching I have finished.

Well, I have finally decided to get some counseling for my depression. I'm hoping to get passed my feelings of abandonment by my family. I know they have families of their own, & jobs. I would just like to hear from them alittle more ten just one phone call every 2 or 3 months. I need to "learn" the right way to tell them that. I also need to get out of the apartment more, & socialize more. So hopefully I'll "learn" about that, also. The only problem I see about socializing, money. The money I get from te state, goes for my bills, & I usually don't have much left after paying them.

I'm having a procedure done on the 25th of this month. It is an upper GI, to see if I still have GERD, acid reflux. The state medica I have, will not refill my medication for that, until I am examed by a doctor in that field. Well, that will be done on te 25th of this month & I go back to that doctor on the 31st to get te results. Ok, time to post the pictures of some o the small cross stitch projects I've done.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Updates on My Life

Well, I got my powerchair, now I'm trying to get a hospital bed. I'm getting a loaner from the Knights of Columbus tomorrow. They are very nice people. If you need some kind of medical equipment, if you have a Knights of Columbus group in your area, just give them a call. Most likely they will have what you need. Most of the time they will deliver it, also.
I'm going t have to go see my eye doctor. I had to use my Lifeline button tonight. I fell beside my bed. I tried to stop my fall by reaching toward my bedside table. It slowed me down, so I din't land so hard, but my glasses got bent. So I need to go get them strightened out. I'm fairly certain I will have a bruise under my right arm. When the person at the Lifeline center responded, he asked if I was hurt. I told him no, I just needed help getting up. I think it only took about 5 min for the fire department to get here. They were very nice. Helped me up & made sure I gt to my wheelchair ok. Oh, I was getting up from a nap when I fell. I know I'll be sore tomorrow. I took one of my stronger pain pills with my dinner.
I hope everyone who reads this is in good health. Our weather is finally warming up. The wind is still alittle cool, but not real cold like a few weeks ago. Next month I'll be getting some tmato plants to plant in the garden plot I signed up for. Now I need to make up my mind if they wll be cherry tomatoes or the big ones.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well, I've moved into my "new" apartment. It is a very nice apartment. I'm stll unpacking stuff & putting things away. I'm also throwing out some things I've found, that for the life of me, I can't figure out why I kept them. lol I'm a very happy person right now. My electric wheelchair was aproved on Dec. 31st, 2008, & got it TODAY!!!! YAY!!!!! I've notified the Knights of Columbus that they could pick-up the one they loaned me at the shop were I got mine from. I'm sitting in my chair right now, & thinking I might need to get a taller desk, that is, if I continue to use my wheelchair as a desk chair. I hope everyone had a very nice new year's eve. More later.