Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Updates on My Life

Well, I got my powerchair, now I'm trying to get a hospital bed. I'm getting a loaner from the Knights of Columbus tomorrow. They are very nice people. If you need some kind of medical equipment, if you have a Knights of Columbus group in your area, just give them a call. Most likely they will have what you need. Most of the time they will deliver it, also.
I'm going t have to go see my eye doctor. I had to use my Lifeline button tonight. I fell beside my bed. I tried to stop my fall by reaching toward my bedside table. It slowed me down, so I din't land so hard, but my glasses got bent. So I need to go get them strightened out. I'm fairly certain I will have a bruise under my right arm. When the person at the Lifeline center responded, he asked if I was hurt. I told him no, I just needed help getting up. I think it only took about 5 min for the fire department to get here. They were very nice. Helped me up & made sure I gt to my wheelchair ok. Oh, I was getting up from a nap when I fell. I know I'll be sore tomorrow. I took one of my stronger pain pills with my dinner.
I hope everyone who reads this is in good health. Our weather is finally warming up. The wind is still alittle cool, but not real cold like a few weeks ago. Next month I'll be getting some tmato plants to plant in the garden plot I signed up for. Now I need to make up my mind if they wll be cherry tomatoes or the big ones.