Saturday, September 13, 2008

Health Update

Well, I've had 2 moles removed. The report on both says they are "clean". That means there are no cancer cells. After my knee orthascopy, I was doing fairly well, but thungs have started to go bad. There are days that my legs just don't cooperate with me. My weight isn't helping any, either. Right now I'm at my heaveist that I have ever been. Over 300 pounds. I have spoken with my doctor. We both agree that the lapband procedure would be a good idea. Before I can have the procedure, I have to have a consultation with some of the people that do the procedure. That means a trip to Seattle. This consult will tell if I can have it done safely. It is a possiblility that some of my health problems will prevent me from having the procedure done. One of my health problems is with acid reflux. If the acid has damaged my throat, then I can't have it done. I have also put in a prescritption for an electric wheelchair. I've been told that is not what they are called now. lol They are alled "power" chairs. Oh well. Now I wait, just like I'm waiting for the Social Security office to make a hearing date for my disability claim. This waiting is the pits. I can't work to cut the boredom of waiting, so I'm trying to get back into my cross stitching. I can only do it a little at a time, because of the arthritis in my left wrist. I'm still trying to find a floor stand. Someone suggested I look for a table stand, instead. Either one will work, I think. Well, time for dinner. More later.

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j39jones said...

I'm very glad the moles came out clean!! As for waiting for SS to let you know, don't hold your breath!! Took me 5 1/2 years to finally win mine!! And then they only backpaid me 18 months instead of the full 5 years! Total bummer!
Keep your hopes up and things will get better for you sweetie!