Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More in my life.

Well, went to the doctor today. He says my blood sugars are getting better. He decided I needed to have the pnamoinia shot. Then I went to one of the local craft stores & got a few things I needed to finish my "Candy Box". lol Then I walked over to the beauty supply store & picked up some perm rods. One of my friends is going to give me a perm tomorrow. Then I went to the library. They had a book on hold for me. I like to read just about anything. Romances, historical romances, mysteries, since fiction, fantasy, & thrillers. If I can't get into an autobiography by the 3rd chapter, then I won't finish it. Some of the authors I like are: Nora Roberts(who is also J.D. Robb), Debbie McCombe, Andre Norton, & Lillian Baun. I'm not sure I spelled that right. She wrote the series "The Cat Who....". There are others, but I can't remember them right now. lol I'm still working on getting my boxes unpacked from when I moved into my apartment. I've been stitching off & on. Not really getting anywhere on it. The one I'm working on is from www.mysticstitch.com . It is one of the freebies. When you get on the site go down the list on the left side until you come to the word "Freebies". Click on that. 3 pictures will come up. The one I'm working on is the first one. It reminds me of the paintings that Thomas Kinkade paints. Which is the reason I'm doing it. I also like to get the free charts from www.vsccs.com . They have changed it from free charts to Samplers. They do one each month. This year they are of Snowmen. One for each month. They still have a link for last years series, if anyone is interested. They sell charts & chart's on CD's. I keep saying that I will buy one some day, but I never have the money. Oh well. Maybe one of these days. Well, thats all for now. Take care everyone. P.Q.

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