Friday, November 20, 2009

Big Disappointment This Month

I thought I was going to have my Social Security hearing the 3rd week of this month, but I didn't. So I have been alittle more depressed then usual. I called my doctor to see if he would increase my depression medicine. I haven't heard anything, yet. I called my councilor yesterday, & she suggested I get out & to something soothing. So my caregiver & I went out to lunch today. Then we went to the local Michael's & I bought sme floss to send to the person I'm suppose to for a Christmas exchange. I'm going out tomorrow to have a patial perm done at one of the local beauty schools. For those that don't know, a partial perm is where you hae just part of your hair permed. I'm going to have my front & sides done. When I got home from lunch I had some waiting for me. I got my first Christmas card today. It was from the person who was to send to me for the Christmas exchange. She cross stitched the front of the card, & enclosed a skein of SILK floss. It is my first silk floss. It is a very pretty color. It is from Dinky Dyes, & there is the number 25 & the word Ruby under the number. When I showed it to a friend, she said it looked almost like a candy cane. As soon as I can, I'll scan it & post a picture of it & the card. Having lunch out with someone, & getting my card & floss really brightened my day. I'm still alittle frustrated about the social security thing, but not as bad. My cat seems to know I'm feeling down. Ever since I got back from lunch & shopping, sh has been on my lap, or on the table close to me & purring away to me.
Now for something I learned from the sales lady at the craft store. If you are having trouble with ants, sprinkle some ground Cinnamon on the counter close to the wall, & sme on the floor by the baseboards. That will send the ants running. Also if you put peppermint, spearmint, &/or wintergreenmint, not the gum. Use a leaf of the plant. This will keep the mice out of your cabinets. Well it is getting late, & time for my bedtime meds, & snack. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

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Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Penelope
I saw your comment on Millande just now Jan 2010
Found your blog here.
If you like to look at my blog, you might like it and start your blog going agsin.
So sorry about your depression, I wish you well, but perk up there's another lovely day out there just waiting for you to have fun in it.
Hope you see this.
Lots of Love and Hugs E.XXX